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Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance

Revenue leakage is a risk in any industry which handles high volumes. We assist such organizations in identifying and plugging gaps in the revenue cycle and providing assurance to management that there is minimal opportunity for leakage.

The revenue assurance approach:

  • Enables revenue risks to be identified and addressed, and revenue enhancement opportunities to be identified throughout the revenue process
  • Develops processes and controls of the entire gamut of operations within the revenue assurance function
  • Provides overall monitoring to determine that process performance is measured and accurately reported
  • Leverages our capability in data analytics to analyze vast streams of data and identify past and potential leakage
  • The approach is applicable to industries including but not restricted to telecom, retail, aviation, media, transaction processing, e-commerce, credit card and insurance.

KPMG in India has extensive experience of delivering revenue assurance engagements for large telecom companies both in India and abroad and has the largest Telecom practice in the entire Europe, Middle East and Africa Region.



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