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Major Projects Advisory

Major Projects Advisory

With our reviving economy and pressure on performance, companies are restating business plans to ride the growth wave. Management teams are sanctioning capital projects to enhance capacities to fuel growth. Capital projects however, are indeed a complex business. Limited project management talent available externally, coupled with varying regional influences, regulatory requirements, and differing stakeholder needs, further exacerbate the difficulty for successful project implementation. Surveys have indicated analogous results – a majority of projects have suffered (a) time overruns, (b) cost overruns and (c) failure to achieve the desired benefits.

Over the years, KPMG has continually invested in developing solutions to address the needs of our clients in managing capital projects, which easily constitute their single, largest business expenditure each year. KPMG’s Major Projects Advisory (MPA) services focus on enabling project owners and related stakeholders achieve success in their projects, by integrating industry experience, risk-based approach and technical and financial competencies, along with a skilled team of professionals.

MPA provides leading practice assistance that facilitates ongoing improvement to develop owner organization program and project management governance and processes.

MPA focuses on two key areas:

“Doing the right project”

MPA can provide program owners with objective feedback to assist decision making for the appraisal, selection, and establishment of programs and projects.

“Doing the project right”

MPA can provide project owners with real-time objective feedback to assist proactive decision making to mitigate: cost escalation, schedule extension, quality / scope adjustments and project risks.

Our MPA service offerings address project issues thoroughly, with the primary focus of enhancing the quality of project delivery from concept through handover and closure. This can potentially benefit the project owners by giving them enhanced predictability on the project outcome and specialist guidance on making timely decisions. In addition to ongoing project monitoring, our advisory services include point-in-time services targeted at specific project issues and improvement opportunities.

Our team of engineers, architects, risk management and project management professionals, chartered and cost accountants, past contractors, and fraud investigators, has developed the required skill sets and competencies required to address your project’s needs. Unlike offerings by other firms, KPMG offers technical, financial, project and risk management and indirect taxation advisory seamlessly. KPMG is thus positioned as an Owner’s Representative, with its success being measured with the success of your projects.

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