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Governance Risk and Compliance Services - Overview

Governance Risk and Compliance Services - Overview

We aim to provide highly tailored services that keep pace with the fast-moving market conditions our clients face, specifically in the areas of governance, risk management and internal controls and reporting and information systems.

We help our clients design and implement:

  • Corporate governance structures and processes 
  • Risk management systems aligned to strategic priorities
  • Assurance processes geared to provide independent and objective assurance on key business risks
  • Business processes and internal control systems that are suitable to address emerging business challenges
  • Framework to foster compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

We help our clients address several critical questions such as:

  • Do we have the right oversight and monitoring processes including governance structures to effectively monitor the strategy and performance of our business?
  • How effectively are our oversight processes structured to facilitate our board and senior management to focus on key priorities?
  • In the way we manage risk, do we have the right processes to keep track of what is changing in our business and external environment (industry, customer, competitor)? 
  • Do we have a single and holistic view of our key business risks?
    How effectively are we addressing compliance requirements across multiple businesses and geographies?
  • Do we actively monitor emerging changes to the regulatory environment and its impact on our business?
  • How effectively do we implement business critical strategic projects and how do we monitor if these are delivering the intended benefits?
  • How geared are our assurance processes to add value to the business that goes beyond controls assurance and compliance? 
  • How well designed and aligned are our business processes and information systems to meet our information requirements with minimum work around?

Key practice highlights:

  • Largest GRCS practice across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMA) region of KPMG 
  • Largest GRCS telecom team within the KPMG network with extensive experience of delivering internal audits and revenue assurance engagements in the telecom sector, both in India and globally
  • High quality team which has worked across 50 countries in six continents 
  • Thought leader in corporate governance, contributing through an array of KPMG Audit Committee Institute publications and providing valuable inputs to the ICAI on its risk and internal audit publications
  • First in India to successfully pioneer the concepts of 'Offshore Internal Audit' (IA), 'Virtual SOX' and 'Offshore Support for Finance Function Transformation' for multi-national clientele
  • Assisted Capital Market Authority (Equivalent to SEBI/SEC) and SAMA (the Central Bank) in Saudi Arabia in migration to new regulatory frameworks
  • Assisted in in-depth and thorough SOX compliance for two Indian SEC-listed companies (TATA Motors and HDFC bank).

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