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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is an organization-wide approach to the identification, assessment, communication, and management of risk in a cost-effective manner – a holistic approach to managing risk. As part of this holistic approach, we focus on the following critical areas:

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KPMG ERM Framework:

  • Risk Governance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Quantification and Aggregation
  • Risk Monitoring and Reporting
  • Risk and Control Optimization

Key aspects of our ERM approach:

  • Common language, methodology, and policy that drives risk management and helps enable holistic risk picture 
  • Robust risk information considering stakeholders’ needs within context of strategic objectives
  • Clarification/enhancements of roles and responsibilities, including establishment of embedded business risk units
  • Enhancement of risk management process including identification, management and reporting
  • Risk-savvy culture and embedded competencies in performance cycles, training and communication
  • Formal periodic monitoring of industry trends and constituencies' needs.

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