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Our publications

Our publications

Our publications

KPMG Forensic services help clients prevent, detect and respond to fraud, misconduct and non-compliance risks.

We believe that holistic solutions can be arrived at by fostering discussion. Our publications reflect this ethos. We regularly engage with national and global business leaders, influencers, and decision makers to understand upcoming issues and capture these discussions in our publications. Please find below summarized versions of the list of publications.

  • The ‘insider’ threat – Safeguarding UPSI
  • The Prevention of Corruption (Amendments) Act, 2018: Key highlights
  • Forensic audit of Non Performing Assets: Navigating hidden threats
  • Framework for Loan Fraud#Global profiles of the fraudster
  • Global Survey on Anti Bribery and Corruption
  • New U.S. Unfair Competition Laws - Impact on the Indian manufacturing Sector & Opportunities
  • Cybercrime survey 2015#Cyber Crime Survey 2014
  • Global Anti-Money Laundering Survey 2014
  • India Anti-Money Laundering Survey 2012
  • Doing business under the UK Bribery Act Survey 2012
  • India Fraud Survey 2012
  • UK Bribery Act 2010

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