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Dispute Advisory and e-Discovery services

Dispute Advisory and e-Discovery services

Dispute Resolution and Expert Witness Services

Dispute Resolution and Expert Witness Services

Are you faced with a commercial dispute or other legal action? In commercial disputes the stakes, in terms of reputation, time, costs and stress, are high. You need practical, solid advice and support to help achieve a favorable outcome. We can support your legal team by dissecting complex issues and providing robust, compelling arguments on the financial, commercial and accounting aspects of your case.

KPMG provides services to practicing attorneys and corporate clients who are involved in litigations, arbitrations, and other alternative dispute resolution forums in India and across the globe. We can provide support to your legal team in the areas of:

Valuation and quantum determination
Valuation of intangibles and calculation of the losses sustained by parties can become key to successfully resolving many disputes. We can help interpret contractual obligations to arrive at accurate figures that would support the case. We can help you in the resolution of your commercial dispute, by providing impartial and authoritative opinion of the amount of money in play in the dispute, and where the liability lies. We are also able to assess the financial and accounting strengths and weaknesses of both your case, and the other side's case.

Robust Expert witness program
We have helped represent clients in many of the major international arbitration, litigation and dispute resolution bodies:

  • International Chamber of Commerce
  • International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
  • United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
  • American Arbitration Association
  • London Court of International Arbitration

We have also assisted in the computation of claims and any other losses that may have arisen out of breach of contract or an arbitration award.

E-discovery/ Documentation Management

Today businesses accumulate vast quantities of electronic data created in a variety of formats - databases, word processing documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, and internet content. Electronic discovery (eDiscovery) - the production of electronic documents in litigation - helps companies store information in a way that is easily accessible and acceptable by the court.

Data mining, evidence management and data analysis
We can provide continued support to your legal team through data analysis and data management. We can help legal teams manage documents, evidence and other data in a manner consistent with the expectations of a court of law. Our forensic technology is able to identify, collect, manage and disclose all relevant evidential material irrespective of format, location and size.

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