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Initial Public Offering Services

Initial Public Offering Services

Traditionally teams of Initial Public Offerings (IPO) advisors are usually fragmented and comprised of lawyers, bankers, auditors and consultants from different professional firms. KPMG can provide teams of specialists whose experience covers the critical areas of an IPO.

KPMG can provide a wide range of advisory services to address the issues faced by clients on their journey towards IPO and their preparations for being a listed company after the IPO.

KPMG teams can assist with:

  • Project management
  • Valuations/pricing
  • Equity story
  • Tax structuring and business plans
  • Accounting
  • Financial reporting and treasury issues
  • New business processes and systems requirements

Necessary corporate governance, risk and internal controls matters.

With KPMG as an advisor, clients’ management can focus on the strategic elements of the IPO process where their input is critical.

KPMG has multidisciplinary teams that offer:

  • Extensive experience of capital markets requirements
  • Accounting and financial reporting — helping finance organizations with going and being public. 

KPMG can provide clients with a coordinated, global response via specialists from Corporate Finance, Accounting Advisory Services, Business Performance Services, Financial Risk Management, IT Advisory, Transaction Services and Tax.

KPMG’s multi-discipline teams of advisors can help to achieve the ambitious timetables of an IPO and can offer assistance with the fundamental changes involved in becoming a public listed company.

Becoming listed is often only the beginning of a long journey for a company. This is where we can provide continuity by maintaining sustainable advisory services, helping our firm’s clients to develop the characteristics which define powerful organizations in a capital market environment.

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