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The KPMG Forensic Casebook Tool is a dynamic workflow enabler for forensic examiners. It is developed by seasoned and experienced professionals who understand the nuances and finer details of conducting forensic reviews.

The tool automates the case workflow helping meet quality and consistency benchmarks, a defined methodology, assigning and monitoring of tasks, documentation/procedure trail from commencement to closure of a case, and generation of a report based on the observations added in the tool. The tool is customisable and scalable. The tool will also provide recommendatory guidance to the examiners through the inbuilt methodology, templates/checklists to capture details and a list of procedures depending on the nature and type of the case.

Need for the tool

Forensic examiners face numerous challenges during not only the planning and execution, but also post completion of a case. Forensic examinations need to be conducted in a highly professional manner such that the evidence discovery can withstand a high level of scrutiny in a court of law. This tool will enable its users to conduct high quality, credible and effective forensic reviews helping ensure retention of evidence.

How can the tool help your organisation?

  • Acts as a centralised repository of case background, work papers, reports, proposals, credentials and other relevant information
  • Provides guidance to investigators/reviewers on workflow and indicative procedures for various types of cases
  • Enables real-time and efficient monitoring of case execution, progress, pending and assigned tasks
  • Allows easy linking, retention and retrieval of work product and case info
  • Helps generate various dashboards and Management Information System (MIS) reports for bird’s eye view of the cases undertaken
  • Helps in standardising overall investigation process, has inbuilt templates and checklists, developed by experience forensic examiners.

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