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Strategy and Operations

Strategy and Operations

One of the key challenges facing organizations today is to create business capabilities that meet and exceed the emerging requirements within the market. Understanding the future basis of competition and customer requirements creates the need and opportunity to re-invent business processes to manage risk, increase revenues and control costs.


What differentiates us?


  • The KPMG Business Process Improvement (BPI) framework synthesizes our specialization in Performance Improvement Methods, Leading Practice Service Offerings and Industry Benchmarks and Trends 
  • Being modular, BPI is scalable to a degree of change desired - from incremental to transformational 
  • KPMG in India’s tools and approaches strive to provide immediate results but also help institutions make the enterprize-wide changes to compete and succeed in the future. This involves implementing changes in the operations value chain with measurable results that can be replicated across the organization.


Key Offerings

  • Rapid value procurement - Focuses on consolidation of the supply base and enhancing strategic sourcing, contract management and inventory management through purchase execution and procurement process effectiveness 
  • Supply chain enhancement - Advice on lean manufacturing, lean six sigma, operations, product lifecycle management, logistics, sourcing, and distribution 
  • Advice on setting up systems for planning, reporting and cost management in line with a client’s individual requirements
    Follow-up advice on planning and introducing shared service centers to realign the client’s value creation chain 
  • Operations transformation and cost management - Operations Transformation services can help clients realize value rapidly by improving profit, enhancing capability and managing procurement risks 
  • Profit enhancement - by identifying bottom-line savings and leveraging on detailed category specific knowledge. This is combined with some of the leading current procurement techniques and technologies to help deliver accelerated profit improvement from specific cost savings initiatives 
  • Capability enhancement - by building capability to help deliver long-term value from the supply base. This helps to sustain a company’s ability to deliver value by developing procurement infrastructure to consistently and effectively manage and control their third party expenditure 
  • Procurement risk management - by evaluating and addressing procurement risks in order to help manage exposure to corporate and legislative issues, as well as working with clients to develop robust risk management strategies. 
  • Business integration – KPMG's Business Integration offering helps organizations enhance value from their mergers and acquisitions. Our approach helps management understand and control the integration process, retain a sense of urgency, identify and respond to execution problems, and extract real value from the deal. Above all, client management retains control and responsibility for the integration process. Potential benefits include enhanced market credibility, reduced risk of value destruction, brand protection, and employee, customer and supplier retention. Our Business Integration offering include Integration Risk Assessment, Synergy Assessment and Integration Program Management among others
  • Customer management - Provide insights in to managing the entire life cycle of a customer, facilitate with visibility into customer segmentation and assist in increase customer retention and acquisition
  • Implementation planning & Program management - Assist ongoing planning activities, development of program office, program advisory to manage quality, risks, issues and changes.

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