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Target operating model

Target operating model

Does finance have an operating model with a complex governance structure, overlapping roles and accountabilities?

KPMG works with its clients to identify an effective operating model for the finance function by establishing centers of excellence, shared services, etc. To build this model, we rely on a detailed analysis of various factors such as location, technology, people skills, etc. We also work with clients to help define the finance organisation structure that is aligned with the overall organisation's vision and strategy.

Click here to view the Framework for finance target operating model & organisation design

What is in it for you

  • Align the operating model to the finance strategy
  • Provides scalability, flexibility and agility for the future finance function model: CoEs, SSC, decentralised or outsourced 
  • Clarity of roles and responsibilities for individuals in the finance function to build value added relationships with balance between decision support and control 
  • Provides a rationale for investment and capital allocation in the finance function.

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