Is your management information more ‘Informative’ or ‘Actionable’?

We at KPMG believe that the traditional bottom up approach to planning, where historical performance underpins the plan, may not remain relevant in today’s volatile environment. We help organisations to implement a driver-based planning and forecasting process. We work with various information technology tools to make the process efficient and relevant. This also helps define accountability and measure performance at the appropriate levels in the organisation. Further, this helps free up time of the senior management to analyse performance and drive action.

planning budgeting and forecasting

planning budgeting and forecasting

What is in it for you

  • Align budgeting and target setting with strategic plans
  • Drive financial planning via key business drivers
  • Focus on ‘what we need to do’ not ‘what happened’
  • Move to rolling forecast to reflect the ongoing nature of business
  • Provide tools to free time for analysis and insights.

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