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Digital TCoE

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Rise of digitalisation and an agile work environment have pushed organizations to evaluate if the traditional TCoE are still relevant and if there needs to be a shift to Digital TCoE. Organisations are evaluating new ways of testing, adoption of new technology and new testing techniques required in the age of digitisation.

KPMG in India has been a front runner in digitalisation and provides a large number of services under its Digital TCoE service portfolio. 

Digital TCoE

Align to agile

Approach to testing is undergoing fundamental changes.  One of the biggest trends is leveraging agile for the testing process as a replacement for more traditional methods. This shift in testing is largely due to emerging trends in big-data, cloud computing, internet-of-things etc. Testing in agile is gaining more importance. KPMG in India understands the dilemma of organisations planning/undergoing digital transformation. We have helped evaluate current methods of development and testing to determine if agile is the way forward. As one continues these transformation efforts, agile will no doubt play a significant role in testing 

Test automation

In agile, it is known that development and testing collaborate in early stages of the product lifecycle and continues to work together. Agile is also closely tied with another approach, DevOps. While agile maybe considered as a culture of continuous integration in software testing, DevOps is more of continuous development. With agile and DevOps trending in testing, test automation will be responsible for effective implementation of these.

KPMG in India’s early automation approach involves the automation team quite early in the phase of testing lifecycle in supporting agile/ iterative projects, alongside development. We believe test automation to be the need that could ensure higher productivity and quicker delivery

Connected testing

We live in a connected world. Testing of connected devices is evolving and required nonetheless to deliver quality assured products. Functionality, responsiveness, usability of these connected devices should be extensively tested to ensure effective working in the digital ecosystem and ensure value delivery. As connected testing becomes more complicated, it is important to adopt advance test strategies.

KPMG integrates testing of smart devices, mobile apps across multiple platforms, browsers, covering multiple languages with robust and continuous software testing. Our end-to-end testing has helped organisations overcome challenges and respond to the dynamic market needs

Performance tuning

Issues related to system/application performance are normally resolved through the process of performance tuning. It is imperative to monitor the performance of systems as well as the experience users have when interacting with those systems. Testing and tuning functions need to be aligned around an understanding of users and a set of objectives/metrics for user experience.

KPMG will help identify what performance metric of the application or system needs tuning. Knowing exactly what metrics take priority is critical

New age testing

Increasing adoption of new-age technologies is a rising demand.  The need is to develop fully functional products in the shortest possible time and thus testing also has to rise to the occasion. Shift-left testing has seen greater collaboration of development and testing to speed up delivery processes. Testing of applications that use Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), big data, etc is evolving and challenging. ML can identify wider range of issues moving beyond set parameters and develop test cases that are larger and more complex than would otherwise be possible.

KPMG is certain that these developments will benefit the software quality and improve the overall function of businesses with a competitive edge. The old adage ‘Time is money’ seems apt. 

Success stories

KPMG has assisted multiple client to adopt to changing technology environment and adopt to digitization through its lean and agile digital TCoE.  The follow are a glimpse of our success stories of services provided through KPMG India Digital TCoE. 

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