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Business Agility

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Increased competition has enforced organisations to set aggressive goals for software delivery. Organisations globally are adopting agile and lean processes to meet the timelines which call for business agility while simultaneously ensuring high quality software.

KPMG in India’s quality assurance and testing through its business agility portfolio, is designed to help our clients realise agility and quality goals, by combining traditional assurance and testing methodologies with a contemporary quality approach.

The following services are provided under business agility portfolio:

Business Agility

Accelerated quality solutions with Accelerated quality service offerings.

  • Early test automation – Its complex, not impossible! Achieved by teams working together to build a strong model with genuine expectations. This acceptance is in accommodating a few changes to existing processes, new development practices, design tweaks, etc. At the end, potential benefits are obvious when teams use industry accepted tools to run detailed, repetitive and data-intensive tests automatically. It helps teams improve software quality early in the testing lifecycle, not to mention with low overheads. Cost savings associated with early detection of errors are significant coupled with thorough test coverage.
  • Digital assurance – We work to help ensure quality across the digital value chain of an organisation.  Our resources are equipped with leading industry tools, test infrastructure and products harness the full power of digital forces, to achieve the desired business outcomes. Potential benefits we’ve observed in this space range from an accelerated growth in digital revenues to improved customer centricity achieved by a greater consistency in processes and focus on defect prevention than just defect detection
  • Quality in agile – Testing in agile refers to testing continuously from its start to the end with speed and quality intact without risking customer experience.  Agile projects are non-negotiable on quality and hence we ensure to deliver a fully functional, potentially shippable product increment every iteration. It’s not just business/process agility, the team is also agile in their abilities to learn and adapt to multiple testing methodologies to test a feature when its ready.
  • Accelerated quality service offerings – Time is money. No two companies are alike and hence our choice of testing service offerings carefully emphasizes the expected business outcome of an organization. The use of software testing tools and resources such as reusable test artefacts, tool matrix, open- source and licensed tools provide for accelerated testing. Experience our speed with go-to-market solutions that can be used as accelerators

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