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Design research

Design Research

Customer experience research or design research is a form of user research for creating products, services or experiences that respond to human needs. It helps one discover the underlying patterns of user’s behavior and experiences that drive decisions to choose products and services. This approach opens hidden opportunities for businesses to differentiate and innovate over tweaking current designs based on analytics. Design research provides a set of met, unmet and latent needs of a user or set of users allowing businesses to create solutions that marry the emotional demands of the market and leave a lasting impact.


  • Owing to digital disruption, consumer needs are constantly evolving. Businesses needs a faster overview and insight to remain anchored in the market
  • Customers are seeking strong emotional value. They switch brands rapidly and exercise more control in the experience
  • Businesses want to retain their market position and user base that is currently under threat by fast emerging design-led start-up companies
Brand (Product-services)

KPMG in India’s design research service:

Helps ensure that every business can kick-start their innovation journey by strategically designing products and services through learnt user behavior and experiences

Your Journey

Potential benefits

  • Allows businesses to practice empathy with customers
  • Delight customers with experiences that are built on their needs
  • Experiment basis facts and real user stories
  • Focusing and prioritising what’s important to the user.

Our expertise

  • About 250+ empathy interviews conducted
  • Around 20 unique personas and 30+ customer journey maps created
  • Studies conducted across multiples cities in the Indian demographics
  • Team of experienced researchers trained from premier design schools in India

Customer experience research with an online retail giant for senior consumers


Discover and define the needs, desires and aspirations of urban senior consumer(s) ages fifty-five to seventy-five today in India which includes inclusion and innovation opportunities for the industry.

KPMG in India’s experience, innovation, and intervention

  • The user research framework for senior consumers allowed us to visualise the experience in context of their lives and the factors that influence their decisions in all aspects.
  • Empathy interactions (observe and engage) - pain points and needs of ninety plus seniors across India


  • New markets with total wallet size of two hundred billion plus identified across four major cities in India
  • Four unique consumer segments in the senior citizen segment were identified each with thirty plus innovation opportunities
  • Launching a progressive innovation summit for six unique industry segments (housing, durables, e-commerce, fintech, travel etc.)
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