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Design office

Design office

For many organisations, the strategy to bring design in office begins with training interventions across functions to expose all levels to a new mindset and approach. Teams also take the leap to infuse the design thinking approach in its projects to acquire application level capability. While this builds the foundation of a right mindset and skills in the organisation, the path towards scaling design capabilities to make it a culture needs a different strategy.

To help organisations take this next step and embed design in everything they do and make it central to their culture, we recommend setting up a design office.

A design office is a structure embedded within an organisation to help scale their design capabilities.


  • To make design and innovation central to your everyday operational culture
  • To better track rapidly changing customer behaviour and markets to become disruptors
  • To envision breakthrough ideas and conduct experiments that make us innovative
  • To leverage the power of radical collaboration as a key enabler.

KPMG in India’s Design Office offering:

We help build, embed and transfer a design office in your organisation aligned to your business context that can help you scale design capabilities and drive design as a strategy.

Central Design office

Potential benefits

  • Builds a customer centric culture thus enhances customer experience
  • Quicker turnaround time from idea to implementation
  • Sustainable ideation and experimentation capability
  • Revenue impact

Our expertise

  • About 150+ design projects mentored across industries
  • External partnerships and resources to support execution
  • Team of designers with product, service, process and technology capabilities
  • Exposure to design challenges across multiple sectors.
For enquiries, contact:
Hussein Pradhan
+91 9869250785

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