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Design and innovation quotient maturity model

Design and innovation quotient maturity model

To structurally drive a design-based innovative culture, an organisation needs to define a framework, a model that lays the building blocks of a design culture. A design culture doesn’t just happen, it takes conscious planning and strategising to move forward.

The design and innovation quotient maturity model is a guide that defines six key building blocks foundational to bringing a cultural transformation. It makes it possible for organisations to measure their current maturity of design capabilities, design the right cultural elements and transform their way of working.


  • To align organisational values, behaviour and climate to be more conducive to design
  • To establish a process and resources to practice design
  • To redefine how we measure success and business outcomes
  • To know the current maturity of design capabilities and gap to potential.

KPMG in India’s design and innovation quotient maturity model offering:

DQMM (Design and innovation quotient maturity model) framework presents an assessment of current maturity of design capabilities, designing the right elements conducive to a design culture and transforming the current way of working.

We measure the design capabilities at organisation level, team level and individual level through a proprietary maturity model based on six key building blocks. This measurement results into five levels of maturity

Design and innovation quotient maturity model

Potential benefits

  • Provides insights into current strength of design capabilities
  • Prioritises design not just as a process but as a culture and strategy
  • Takes the organisation to the next level of design capability
  • Transforms their way of working.

Our expertise

  • Proprietary framework basis research and ethnography study
  • Thought leadership on design maturity across sectors published
  • Exposure to design capabilities and practices across multiple sectors
  • Team of designers with ethnography, process design and culture design capabilities.

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