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Experience design

Experience design

We believe that everything humans interact with, whether a product or service, is an experience. Designing that experience is a challenge for most businesses. Product/service design is a development of ideas through a defined process that leads to new products, services or experiences catering to human needs. The strategic nature of design helps solve problems in ways that are functionally, aesthetically and emotionally pleasing and make business and social sense at the same time. This will include new products/services as well as enhancements to existing product/services.

Product design


  • Businesses require new and innovative solutions to retain and grow their market that is currently under threat by fast evolving consumer needs
  • There is a need to introduce disruptive products in the market to gain advantage over the competition
  • Products and services in the market have reached maturity in their life-cycles and there is a need to sustain through re-designing them
  • Increasing the customer base requires products/services packaged in a way that draws attention, sends a message, and makes targeted consumers feel a certain way.
Evolving consumer needs

KPMG in India’s Experience Design service:

Helps businesses experiment and grow by strategically understanding user needs and translating key insights into products and services to create a long-lasting impact or experience.

KPMG in India’s Experience Design service

Our offering helps:

  • Understand users met and unmet needs that drive market trends
  • Translate user needs to useful design insights
  • Generate innovative ideas and present them visually through sketches and renders
  • Assess the desirability, viability and feasibility of the generated ideas
  • Create prototypes for near to real feel of products or services to test and refine
  • Design detailing and business cases.

Potential benefits

  • Allows brands to stand out from the competition
  • Delights customers with experiences that are built on their needs
  • Helps brands experiment basis facts and real user stories
  • Increases chances of success by quick experimentation and learning from failures.

Our expertise

  • About 150+ projects supported
  • New products/packaging and brands created
  • Projects conducted across multiples industry sectors
  • Team of experienced designers from premier design schools in India.
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