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Design Thinking consulting services

Design Thinking consulting services

KPMG in India’s Design thinking practice enables organisations and individuals to unlock their creative potential through structured advisory, enablem

KPMG in India’s Design thinking practice enables organisations and individuals to unlock t

Specialised Design thinking services 

Design thinking (DT) is a human-centered approach seeking to transform the way products, services and experiences are designed to add functional and emotional value. At the heart of this approach lies an empathetic understanding of human behaviour and needs, having the ability and courage to experiment (ideation and prototyping), bringing ideas to life (co-creation) and crafting meaningful stories enabling users to feel those experiences.

Design thinking is a process that uses design principles and helps organisations identify opportunities, solve complex business challenges, enable innovation and drive business results.

KPMG in India’s Design thinking practice enables organisations and individuals to unlock their creative potential through structured advisory, enablement and implementation services.

Design thinking service offerings

To help individuals and organisations in their design journey, KPMG in India offers a wide range of service offerings to develop, deploy and drive the adoption of design capabilities.

Some of our offerings include but are not limited to -

Design advisory

Advisory and consulting offerings to help organisations drive design as a process, mind-set, strategy and culture. Leverage design to drive customer centricity, innovation and achieve business objectives.

Design enablement

Building and deploying design thinking capabilities through guided interventions customised to industries, functions and roles in an organisation.

Customer experience design

Support organisations in identifying challenges, designing/co-creating solutions/prototypes (product, service, experience) and collaborating on design/innovation projects.

Customer experience research

Ethnographic design research to draw insights through user personas and help organisations design unique customer experience journeys.

Design and innovation quotient maturity assessment (DIQMM)

Assessment of design maturity of organisations based on KPMG’s design quotient maturity model.

Re-boot life Design thinking workshop

Turn the lens of design inwards to reboot life, the design thinking way.

Design enablement
Customer experience design
Customer experience research DIQMM Re-boot life

Design enablement trainings and workshops

  • Oriented
  • Executor
  • Ninjas
  • Practitioners

Design masterclass

  • Function and industry specific
  • Educational institutes
  • New product design
  • Re-design
  • Packaging design
  • Concept development
  • Service design
  • Design and innovation project management
  • Design sprints
  • Empathy and ethnographic research
  • In sighting
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Organisational design and innovation quotient maturity model
  • Customer centricity framework
  • Innovation framework.
  • Applying Design thinking principles to design way of life

Potential benefits of Design thinking services

By adopting Design thinking principles, a business can not only identify the latent needs of end users but also develop low cost working prototypes for the needs and test them in real time. Companies have also been able to transform the culture of the organisation to become more innovative, thus managing their top line and bottom line. The following are some of the key potential benefits:

  • Human and customer centric approach to solve problems
  • Does not only concentrate on the aesthetics of the product, but the functional and emotional aspect of design
  • Works on the principle of collaboration (from different aspects of business) and communication rather than isolation. This helps in bringing in multiple competencies and perspectives resulting in better solutions
  • Defines a framework of ‘Inspiration, Ideation and Implementation’ for strategic innovation
  • Concentrates not only on the product / service but also building the ecosystem on making it implementable and marketable.

KPMG in India’s key differentiators

Service offerings

  • Holistic support on design journey from capability development, deployment and adoption
  • Proprietary service offering to match varying design needs and maturity of organisations (from ‘no design’ to ‘design as a culture’)
  • Provide design advisory and consulting to improve/transform existing service offering and/or innovate new service offering


  • Strong collective experience of Subject Matter Expert (SMEs) across product, service, process and experience design
  • Experienced and energetic team of highly skilled designers from various streams of design. Our facilitators have been continuously getting high feedback scores for their highly engaging delivery.

Domain expertise

  • Deep understanding of industry and functional domain to contextualise design to specific challenges of the domain.

Client coverage

  • Delivered interventions for top multinational clientele across automotive, banking financial services and insurance (BFSI), technology, consumer products, technology / IT, education sector, service industry and startups.

Industry thought leadership

Conduct annual design research studies to gather insights on maturity of design in the Indian landscape and publish thought leadership / point of view on the subject to evolve conversation on design in India.  Below is our latest report on ‘Design and Innovation Quotient India 2018’.

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