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Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) Overview

Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) Overview

Customer satisfaction surveys aim at overcoming the challenges faced by businesses in their attempt to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. It provides a concrete mechanism to collect the perception and expectation of customers regarding the product/service, its delivery and the company as a whole; and can provide organisations with areas to focus their energy and efforts on. 

What is a CSAT survey

CSAT survey is an abbreviation for Customer Satisfaction survey. CSAT is a measure of how satisfied customers are with a company’s products or services. The CSAT survey score can indicate the level of satisfaction with a product or service. Customer satisfaction is a metric and the baseline score is marked by internal benchmarking of the organisation. 

Why is it important to conduct a CSAT survey

From an organisation view point: CSAT survey ratings can be important for an organisation as these can often be a clear indication to improve the service/product parameters. If the CSAT ratings are positive for certain areas or functions of an organisation, then this provides an opportunity to the organisation to understand the leading industry practices in these areas and adopt the relevant practices in other areas/functions. CSAT also involves capturing qualitative feedback about the product/service from the customers. This qualitative feedback, if used in the right manner, could become one of the vital inputs for the organisation to modify or update the product/service in order to better address the requirements and sentiments of their customers. 

From a customer view point: When it comes to customer satisfaction survey from the view of the customers, CSAT survey provides a channel to provide feedback on the product/service they are availing from the organisation. In some cases where the customers are unhappy, CSAT surveys also provides a channel to express frustration which otherwise could take an escalated path of publishing in social media and portals.

Methods to collect CSAT survey responses

There are various methods to collect responses for CSAT surveys. It could vary from collecting face to face feedback to using various tools and technology. Below listed are some of the methods used to collect feedback using various tools: 

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) based voice analytics survey
  • Web based text analytics survey
  • Social media survey
  • Email survey
  • Mobile survey

Asking the right questions to the right audience at the right time through a right method would help an organisation to understand the customer satisfaction levels and then improve their product/service based on feedback 


Customer satisfaction survey (CSAT) enablers

  • Understanding of the expectations of customer and the level of satisfaction from the services offered
  • Align of organisation’s efforts towards achieving higher level customer satisfaction
  • Help organisations with the focus areas to align their efforts to increase satisfaction levels.
  • Collect feedback on the loyalty of customers by providing insights on the promoters and detractors of the company
  • Defined action plan and suggestions to improve on satisfaction levels for clients

KPMG key differentiators

  • Ability to provide a wide-ranging solution starting from the identification of business problem and recommending business solutions including support for improvement initiatives
  • Expertise in in-depth analysis and reporting to provide a comprehensive view and uncover hidden issues
  • Correlated efforts to capture and improve CSAT and ESAT using the same tool
  • Solution accelerators through processes and templates customised to suit organisations
  • Extensive experience in customer management including seasoned customer centric coaches with global experience

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