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Customer Centricity and Quality Overview

Customer Centricity and Quality Overview

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all - Michael LeBoeuf

Establishing a strategic advantage amid uncertain economy requires a systemic shift from the commodity to the customer. One of the important aspects for a customer centric approach is being sensitive to client needs and proactive interaction with clients. Effective management of customer needs is a key differentiator for businesses today. Managing customer expectation is having a defined fulfilling customer experience.

Strategic Client Management

Putting up a robust measurement system alone is not sufficient; the key is to understand what the results are indicating and to act upon it to make any changes. KPMG in India follows a detailed effective measurement and management process.

Themes under Customer Quality and Centricity
Themes under Customer Quality and Centricity
Customer experience management
Customer experience management

The KPMG in India advantage

  • Unique combination of CARE and CSAT to leverage benefits of unbiased feedback for holistic improvement 
  • Transform feedback management through Enterprise Feedback Management 
  • Flexibility of applying the complete framework or individual themes as standalones 
  • E2E business solutions for identified business problems 
  • Increased share of wallet by internal cost reduction programmes 
  • Solution accelerators through processes and templates customized to suit organisation 
  • KPMG in India has more than 20+ years experience in Customer Management including customer centric coach with global experiences 
  • KPMG in India has access to KPMG's Global Centre of Excellence, enabling them to better advise clients.


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