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KPMG’s consolidation and financial accounts creation tools

Consolidation and financial accounts creation tools

CFOs are looking to automate repetitive, error-prone, routine and time-consuming  tasks so that they can focus their time and energy on strategic, value added outcomes that drive the business.  And thus move from consolidator-aggregator to business-partner, strategist role

Consolidating trial balances across multiple entities and locations is often done manually resulting in significant time effort with errors due to human intervention.  K-Helios is our collaborative, cloud-based software tool which helps with the end-to-end consolidation process. It automates large elements of the consolidation process by collecting source data, standardising data from disparate accounting systems, consolidating it and then tracking and posting adjustments including inter-company eliminations. It also allows users to configure their own data collection packs (or questionnaires) to gather and consolidate non-financial information.

Manually assembling data and creating financial statements is often a time-consuming, labour-intensive and an error-prone task. Responding to changing financial reporting regulations, stringent timelines and diverse data requirements, adds further stress on the accounts production team.  Also, manual intervention at almost every task level often leads to delays in reporting and decision-making, and, quality constraints.

Having a quick, cost-efficient turnaround on preparation and presentation of accurate, print-ready financial statements has never been more important in the overall financial close process.

 Designed by accountants, K-Trinity allows you to quickly and easily create bespoke financial statements and has features that are available in several spreadsheet and word document applications.

The software offers automation, ease-of-use, and flexibility so you can easily adapt your accounts to any set of financial regulations. 

K-Helios and K-Trinity can be implemented stand-alone or in an integrated manner.  To know more or for a demo, please connect with Jangid, Dinesh or  Agrawal, Priyanka Chaturvedi  

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