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Voice of the Customer (VOC) Consulting

Voice of the Customer (VOC) Consulting

Voice of the customer (VOC) can be an effective solution to capture feedback from clients through an interactive dialogue. This solution is suited for the B2B scenario where the number of respondents are limited but the information to be captured is critical for business. VOC is a professional and partnering approach with a transparent methodology. 

Voice of the customer (VOC) enables capturing feedback by KPMG professionals from both the engaging parties, and thereby providing a true understanding of the relationship. VOC consulting services from KPMG assist organisations to create exceptional and personalised customer experiences. Our team of zealous VOC consultants with a wide-range of domain expertise and work experience can provide solutions that suit client requirements. VOC consulting solutions starts from identification of the business problem to recommending business solutions including support for improvement initiatives. 

What are the potential benefits of conducting VOC

  • Voice of the customer helps an organisation understand whether the customer is being managed as per their expectation. This enables early detection of pain points for the organisation and helps them take proactive measures.
  • Voice of the customer promotes face to face discussion with both parties and helps better understand the current state of the relationship, as well as assess the engagement at different stages.
  • Voice of the customer captures the perception of the customer and the organisation, and helps to put concrete efforts towards perception management.
  • Voice of the customer impacts the overall dedication and effort of an organisation towards the client which helps in confidence building towards a long term relationship.

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