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PCMM Services


An able and motivated workforce is the backbone of any enterprising and successful business. However, acquiring and retaining talent is a major challenge that the organizations across the world face. People Capability Maturity Model® (P-CMM®) enables organizations to develop  and sustain a competent workforce – a critical asset in our knowledge economy.

The People Capability Maturity Model (P-CMM) is a maturity framework that focuses on continuously improving the management and development of the human assets of an organization.  

P-CMM Product Offerings

KPMG also provides various P-CMM and HR value added services separately to non-appraisal clients to facilitate adoptions and effective implementation of the model. The product offerings include:

  • Competency Modeling - Defining and setting up a competency framework in an organization
  • Mentoring - Training & Advisory in setting up a mentoring initiative and periodic review & advisory support to strengthen mentoring culture
  • HR capability Building - A Training and Mentoring support, to build HR excellence for HR department 
  • Human resource measurement framework - Establishing human resource measurement program in an organization 
  • HR audit program - Continuous process improvement, through HR audit mechanism
  • HR diagnostic study - Comprehensive approach to study HR systems, and providing road map and advisory to address issues identified.

Implementation methodology

  • Preliminary stage involves identification of the sponsor, formation of core team, training and gap analysis 
  • The implementation phase involves providing advisory on industry practices and conducting periodic reviews 
  • Appraisal readiness review phase includes activities that ascertain whether the organization is ready to be assessed
  • Appraisal phase involves appraisal planning and survey, training the appraisal team members and final appraisal and reporting 

PCMM Appraisal Product Offerings

KPMG offers SCAMPISM Appraisal services for organizations embarking on their process improvement initiatives. 

SCAMPI Appraisals

  • Depending on the need of the organization, either a SCAMPI ‘B / C‘ or SCAMPI ‘A’ appraisal is conducted
  • SCAMPI 'A' could be used for establishing a benchmark for the organization. A typical SCAMPI ‘A’ appraisal is carried out by a Lead Appraiser supported by a ATMs and will include ATM training, Appraisal participant briefing, Initial documentation review, Interviews with the practitioners, findings consolidation, rating generation and reporting to SEI. The focus of SCAMPI 'A' is to validate the institutionalization
  • SCAMPI 'B' could be used for checking the deployment of processes in projects. A typical SCAMPI ‘B’ appraisal is carried out by a Lead Appraiser or a person trained and experienced in carrying out SCAMPI 'B'. SCAMPI 'B' does not lead to generation of rating
  • SCAMPI 'C' could be used for reviewing the process descriptions and the approach taken to satisfy the goals of CMMI. SCAMPI 'C' does not lead to generation of rating.

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