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ISO - KPMG the leading ISO Consultants Offers ISO 20000 Certification, ISO Training and ISO advisory services.

ISO consulting services by KPMG India

In today’s highly demanding market, meeting the needs of the customer is the cornerstone of ensuring business sustainability. ISO 9001:2000, ISO offers an established structure for adopting a methodical approach to managing your business processes in order that they constantly churn out products that meet the requirements of the customer.

Service Offerings

KPMG in India offers advisory services to organizations that are willing to pursue an ISO 9001:2000, ISO based process improvement journey. As part of the advisory services, KPMG in India facilitates organizations to adopt ISO 9001, ISO within their current work environment for the purpose of obtaining key process improvement benefits. This typically involves the following: 

  • Setting up of quality management system with design and implementation of an integrated process system using combinations ISO 9001 and ITIL®, ISO 9001 and CMMI, ISO 9001 and 6 Sigma etc. 
  • A defined facilitation methodology, that is customized to meet organization needs, to understand current organizational process strengths and weakness. The focus of the methodology is to leverage the existing organization capabilities to meet the requirements of the certification
  • Constitution of a process Improvement program in the organization and managing the same to enabled fulfillment of the objectives
  • Coordination with Registered Certification Bodies (RCB) to accomplish the certification process. 

Implementation approach – Advisory services

  • The approach to advisory services begins with a process improvement planning phase that involves identification of stakeholders, objectives and timelines, an appraisal of the organizational culture along with details of the management structure
  • This is followed by a training session on ISO 9001:2000 standard to the concerned teams to enable the organization to understand the implementation nuances with respect to the framework
  • Next, process reviews are conducted with the goal of identifying gaps that exist within the existing processes in comparison to the ISO 9001:2000 standards 
  • Based on the requirements of the organization and on the findings of the gap analysis, process framework design is carried out. The process framework is created in a manner that allows for alignment to existing organizational practices and robust enough to handle further enhancements to the process 
  • Process deployment involves conducting pilots, deployment workshops and monitoring the outcomes. Based on the pilots a large scale organizational deployment is planned and executed 
  • Once deployed, mechanisms are put in place to facilitate sustenance of deployed processes. Periodic implementation reviews, internal audits are carried out to evaluate implementation effectiveness and suggest corrective actions 
  • If the organization wishes to obtain ISO 9001:2000 certification KPMG would coordinate with the existing Registered Certification Bodies (RCB’s) and plan out the certification scope and timelines.


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