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Software Testing Services Overview

Testing - Software Testing Services

Software testing helps to improve software quality, user satisfaction & reduce time to market. We offer thorough test consulting & delivery services.

Software testing and test advisory services from KPMG India

Vision statement:  

‘To be a leading test consulting partner and effective testing services provider to our clients.’

Mission statement:

 ‘To promote delivery of quality software through wide-ranging test consulting and testing services.’

Quality policy statement:  

‘KPMG in India will strive for the highest quality of testing and test consulting services leading to customer satisfaction.

KPMG in India’s software testing services are designed to provide thorough test consulting and delivery services to clients that could help them enhance their software quality, help ensure user satisfaction, reduce time to market, and help maximise the testing ROIs. 

We provide software testing based advisory services in the areas of testing strategy, methodology, process and test competency assessment across the testing lifecycle. With our distinct testing methodology personalised for each client, as per their changing needs and requirements, we strive to stand out. 

KPMG in India - Software testing service offerings

We offer a wide range of software testing services to national and international customers to help them deliver quality software products and applications to their clients. Our software testing services include software test consulting, software test delivery services and TMMi®  

Software test consulting services Test delivery services TMMi®
  • Test process definition and assessment
  • Test tools and automation advisory
  • Testing audits and accreditation
  • ISO 9126 assessment
  • Test programme optimisation
  • Third party vendor assessment
  • Test business set-up support
  • Software product certification
  • Test centre set-up
  • Test programme management
  • Manual and automation testing
  • Performance testing
  • ERP testing services
  • Cloud-based testing services
  • Agile testing services
  • Web-based testing services
  • Mobile testing services
  • TMMI® formal assessment
  • TMMI® informal assessment
  • TMMI® based process definition
  • TMMI® based consulting and advisory
  • TMMI® training and workshops
  • TMMI® certifications
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We use an established testing methodology using leading industry tools, and our innovative approaches and accelerators can help your organisation build better software quality. Our deep industry knowledge on both the business and technical sides of testing (across multiple domains) enables us to create innovative approaches that help deliver accelerated results. Our software testing services are streamlined to help reduce additional cost and provide professional standards.

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Software Testing Services
Software Testing Services

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