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Mobile testing services

Mobile Testing Services

Mobile Testing Services from KPMG India help clients enhance their mobile software quality, user satisfaction & reduce time to market.

Mobility Testing or mobile testing services help enhance mobile software quality.

Mobile testing services

KPMG in India provides a wide range of mobile testing services to clients that could help them enhance their software quality, help increase user satisfaction, reduce their time to market, and help increase the mobile testing returns on investment (ROIs).

Mobile application testing

As enterprises move into a mobile-first approach, mobile application testing becomes critical and essential for a positive user experience. Multiple platforms, different versions of operating systems, diversity of devices, various test scenarios and a variety of network connections and carriers make mobile application testing challenging. An enterprise would need to test several permutations and combinations to get to a zero-defect state.

For enterprises, a mobility-first approach embraces the potential to boost productivity and drive business value. The explosion of mobile devices and platforms has created an unmatched demand for mobile test automation. In today’s agile world, there are frequent releases leading to rigid timelines and high compatibility expectations. Mobile technology is evolving fast and as it evolves it presents unique problems, such as short usage patterns, memory, device fragmentation and of course, a rapid pace of innovation.

Mobile technology is ubiquitous and in today’s world, customers demand nothing less than flawless performance – no matter where they roam.

Mobile testing service offerings

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We offer the following mobile testing services:

Mobile application (app) functional testing: This testing is based upon the customer’s requirements and business processes and is performed both manually and through automation.

Cross browser testing: This includes cross browser and browser compatibility testing across multiple platforms and devices.

Cross platform testing: We test across leading mobile ecosystems such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Further, we also support cross-platform testing across emerging mobile ecosystems.

Device compatibility testing: This includes mobile application testing across a wide range of devices based on the current market scenario and customer-focus device strategy selection.

Interoperability testing: This encompasses mobile application testing across multiple carriers and geographically-connected devices.

User experience testing: This includes mobile usability and user experience testing with our informative resources testing across multiple devices. User experience (UX) Benchmarking, A/B Testing, competitive analysis from the certified test consultants and mobile application testers.

Test automation: This encompasses mobile application test automation on native apps, web apps and hybrid apps with device agnostic scripting which makes it completely portable and compatible to run on cross platform devices with optimal test coverage and faster delivery of high quality mobile applications.

Performance testing: We test and help enhance the performance of your mobile application under load and stress helping it perform faster, more efficiently and measure full user experience, avoid deployment delays, mirror customer environments, and analyse performance issues.

Localisation and linguistic testing: This includes mobile application testing focused on meeting the needs of a particular language, culture or desired population.

Process assessment: We help identify strengths, weakness and the risks associated with a set of processes and determine to what extent current practices are effective in achieving goals for enterprise mobility solutions.

Mobile application quality testing: Mobile application quality and guidelines based testing based upon the various compliances of multiple mobile OS platforms.

Interrupt testing: This includes replicating and testing the behaviours of the unexpected outcomes with the mobile application under testing.

Potential benefits of mobile testing services:

  • Results in process standardisation and consolidation resulting in substantial cost reductions and quicker time-to-market.
  • Helps set up mobile testing labs in a short time at onshore, offshore or near shore locations.
  • Establishes an enhanced mobile testing and launch strategy.
  • Provides access to advanced mobile technology and devices for mobile testing.
  • Establishes mobile testing infrastructure as a pay-per-use model or in enterprise-managed services model.
  • Allows mobile-certified experts to conduct quick proof of concepts.

KPMG in India key differentiators:

  • Competent test management professionals with wide-ranging industry experience across several domains.
  • We help organisations maintain high quality while striving to reduce costs and time-to-market.
  • We facilitate the implementation of industry standards, best practices, tools, templates, and guidelines.
  • Exhaustive mobile test consulting experience across geographies, domains, and organisations.
  • A well-defined mobile testing approach and strategy.
  • Vast experience in the mobile domain and mobile process competency.
  • A dedicated mobile-testing quality assurance team
  • A fully-fledged mobile testing lab.
  • Virtualised device test access.
  • Mobile application domain-centric delivery service offerings, powered by our competency and aligned to the needs of our clients.
  • Multiple alliances with various vendors to help build a global, up-to-date technology-based approach to help provide and maintain quality.
  • Rich experience in real device, remote, emulator testing and mobile cloud-based technology solutions.

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