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Process Sustenance Audit Overview

Process Sustenance Audit

Attaining a certification is not the end of a journey, but a beginning to further process improvement. Sustenance of the achieved status is important in order to take the process improvement efforts to additional heights and reap rich benefits from the same. Hence, attention must be paid to help ensure that level of achievement is not degraded. To achieve the benefits of improvement from the new/changed system, an organisation has to be committed in maintaining and amending the system over time to suit its changing requirements. The tough work really starts with the maintenance of the new/changed system. To this effect, proper training needs to be carried out regularly to help ensure on-going awareness. In addition, having an independent process sustenance audit to help ensure compliance to the requirements of the standard/model will help in maintaining focus. 

Without a clear sustenance plan, it would be difficult to maintain the rigour of process improvement. This may even result in degradation of practices over a period of time.

Process sustenance audit service overview

KPMG in India’s Business Excellence practice provides process sustenance audit support to organisations, in relation to their existing frameworkWe provide this service to enable organisations to sustain the standard or certification attained.

Time frame

Process sustenance audit is conducted once or twice in a year and duration can be between one to two weeks depending on the location and frameworks to be evaluated as per the organisation’s needs and requirements.

Integrated check

Based on client requirements we can deliver integrated process sustenance audit checks, in which we will aim to cover multiple models and frameworks.


Reports would be extensive, including detailed findings pertaining to each process implemented within the organisation and an executive summary would be provided to the senior management.

Process sustenance audit is performed for the processes aligned to

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO /IEC 20000
  • TMMI
  • People CMM

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