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ISO/IEC 20000™ Consulting and Advisory

ISO/IEC 20000™ Consulting and Advisory

ISO/IEC 20000™ consulting and advisory services from KPMG help organisations to pursue...

ISO/IEC 20000™ consulting and advisory services from KPMG help organisations...

KPMG in India’s ISO/IEC 20000™ consultants offers advisory services to organisations that are willing to pursue an ISO/IEC 20000™ based process improvement journey. As part of the advisory services, KPMG in India facilitates organisations to establish, operate, maintain and improve a Service Management System (SMS) per the requirements set out in ISO/IEC 20000:2011 Part 1 within their current work environment for the purpose of obtaining key service and process improvement benefits. This typically involves the following:

  • Setting up of a Service Management System (SMS) with design and implementation of an integrated process system using guidance from ISO/IEC 20000:2011 Part 2, ITIL® framework and other industry good practices to meet the requirements of the auditable standard ISO/IEC 20000:2011 Part 1
  • A defined facilitation methodology, which is customised to meet organisation needs, to understand current organisational process strengths and weakness. The focus of the methodology is to leverage the existing organisational capabilities to meet the requirements of the standard
  • Constitution of a continual improvement programme in the organisation and managing the same to enabled fulfilment of the objectives
  • Coordination with Registered Certification Bodies (RCB) to accomplish the certification process.

ISO/IEC 20000™ Implementation approach – Advisory services

  • The approach to advisory services begins with a project planning phase that involves identification of stakeholders, objectives and timelines, an appraisal of the organisational culture along with details of the management structure
  • This is followed by an awareness session on ISO/IEC 20000 standard to the concerned teams to enable the organisation to understand the implementation nuances with respect to the standard
  • Next, process reviews (gap analysis) are conducted with the goal of identifying gaps that exist within the existing processes in comparison to the ISO/IEC 20000:2011 Part 1 requirements
  • Based on the requirements of the organisation and on the findings of the gap analysis, process framework design is carried out. The process framework is created in a manner that allows for alignment to existing organisational practices and robust enough to handle further enhancements to the process
  • Process deployment involves conducting pilots, deployment workshops and monitoring the outcomes. Based on the pilots a large scale organisational deployment is planned and executed
  • Once deployed, mechanisms are put in place to facilitate sustenance of deployed processes. Periodic implementation reviews, internal audits are carried out to evaluate implementation effectiveness and suggest corrective actions
  • If the organisation wishes to obtain the prestigious ISO/IEC 20000:2011 certification for the established SMS, KPMG would coordinate with the existing Registered Certification Bodies (RCBs) and plan out the certification scope and timelines.

How does ISO/IEC 20000™ affect the organisation?

ISO/IEC 20000™ gives an edge to a company over other companies which do not have the certification. The standard provides verification that an organisation deploys its services against an internationally accepted standard, by an independent and external evaluator. An organisation's SMS can not only get certified against the standard, but can also use the standard to evaluate its vendor's approach to providing services.

ISO/IEC 20000™ - a stepping stone to success

Businesses rely heavily on their IT services. No matter where you are based or what your core business is, you need your IT services to be a cost effective, efficient and dependable like utility. You can achieve this with ISO/IEC 20000™, if you are an outsourced IT services provider or if you manage your IT services internally. You can set up a service management system with processes aligned to this internationally accepted standard.

ISO/IEC 20000™ potential benefits

  • Internationally-accepted certification for service management system
  • Alignment of IT services and business strategy
  • Defines features of service management processes that are essential for delivery for high-quality services
  • A set of ‘minimum’ requirements against which an organisation can be assessed for effective service management.

KPMG’s differentiators

  • More than two decades of experience in IT advisory, consulting, assessment and training
  • Global Centre of Excellence (CoE) - catering to numerous clients
  • Multi sector experience - client references can be provided on request
  • Global Resource pool of ITIL®/CMMI/Six Sigma experts
  • KPMG in India is an ATO (Accredited Training Organisation) accredited by AXELOS Limited (through authorized examination institutes) for delivering ITIL® & ISO/IEC200000™ training globally

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