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ISO 10001-2-3-4 Certification Advisory and Consulting Services

ISO 10001-2-3-4 Certification Advisory

ISO 10001-2-3-4 customer satisfaction certification advisory service can help organisations to have greater control over understanding...

ISO 10001-2-3-4 customer satisfaction certification advisory service can help...

ISO 10001-2-3-4 certification and advisory service offerings


The consumer industry isn’t facing disruption. It’s already disrupted.
Game-changing technologies have revolutionised supply chains and customer touch points. Better informed and skeptical consumers are holding the industry to increasingly higher standards. A company’s success in achieving customer-centricity or loyalty is no longer a differentiator, but a determinant of survival.

Keeping customers happy and satisfied has always been a challenge for many companies. One way to overcome this challenge is by setting up a Customer Satisfaction Code of Conduct. The ISO 10001 helps you in setting up this code. The ISO 10000 can be adopted by organisations by a wide range of organisations.

ISO 10000 Series for customer satisfaction

  • ISO 10001:2007 - Customer satisfaction - Guidelines for codes of conduct for organisations

It involves defining a customer satisfaction code of conduct and promises made to customers by an organisation about its behaviour in order to enhance customer satisfaction. It helps to increase the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties. It also facilitates a continual improvement in the quality of products and processes based on the feedback collected from customers and other interested parties.

  • ISO 10002:2014 - Guidelines for complaints handling in organisations

It provides guidelines for handling product-related complaints. These guidelines ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty by effective complaint resolution process. Organisations are required to identify the problem areas by doing their research on customers and finding new opportunities for improvement.

  • ISO 10003:2007 Customer satisfaction - Guidelines for dispute resolution external to organisations

It contains guidance to plan, design, develop, operate, maintain and improve an effective and efficient process to external dispute resolution for complaints that were not resolved by the organisation internally. These complaints  relate to organisation's products, which are required by customers for complaints handling or dispute resolution process and
it also helps for solving disputes arising from domestic or cross-border
conflicts, including those that arising from electronic commerce.

  • ISO 10004:2012 Customer satisfaction - Guidelines for monitoring and measuring

This standard contains guidelines for monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction. It is important to monitor and measure customer satisfaction in order to achieve organisational success. The information obtained from monitoring can help to identify opportunities for organisational strategies and help develop products which provide better value to customers.

KPMG’s ISO 10001-2-3-4 customer satisfaction certification advisory service offerings

  • Current state assessment: In order to provide an ISO 10000 consultation, KPMG does a mapping of the client’s current position and then identifies the gaps prevailing in the organisation.
  • Process definition and review support: The design and development of process framework aligned to the standard requirement and leveraging on the existing strength of the organisation.
  • Process implementation check: Process deployment across the organisation and periodic audits and reviews to evaluate compliance and effectiveness.   

Potential benefits of ISO 10001-2-3-4

Customer confidence

ISO 10001-2-3-4 certified companies are more likely to have greater control
over understanding and retaining their customers. This, in turn, allows
customers to have enhanced confidence in the redressal and grievance handling mechanism of the company.

Improved efficiency

With the implementation of the ISO 10001-2-3-4 standard certification, the efficiency of the company automatically increases. The establishment of a process and necessary guidelines helps companies to be proactive when faced with any customer related issues thereby, reducing the damage/harm such situations can cause them.

Better relationship

The system that would be put into place in an ISO certified company would allow it to handle customer complaints/grievances with a greater focus on maintaining long-term relationships rather than ‘just solving a problem’. The certification also provides training to customer-facing personnel allowing them to easily establish and maintain customer relationships.

Continual Improvement

An ISO 10001-2-3-4 standard certification enables the certified company to continuously analyse their customer-handling system and make improvements along the way.

Transparent System

The transparency in the customer satisfaction/grievance handling process enables customers to speak their minds without fear and helps build their trust.

Auditable System

Under ISO 10001-2-3-4, the customer complaints management system is auditable and helps eliminate any discrepancies which may arise in the process/system.


The ISO 10001-2-3-4 can be used either alone or along with the ISO 9001- Quality Management System of Organisation.

KPMG’s key differentiators

Healthy relationship with our clients: We offer specialised programmes helping clients with their strategic goals for sustaining and improving relationships. We also strive to better understand client perceptions through personalised communication. Our focus is on moving the client up the value quadrant.

Workforce preparedness: We help to gradually shift the mindset of the workforce towards being customer centric. It acts as enablers to demonstrate the different roles of customer centric behaviour and attitudes.

Relevant experience: KPMG Business Excellence is a Centre of
Excellence (CoE) and has a customer management experience for clients
domestically as well as globally. We have strategists involved in improving
customer experience and has the ability to leverage experience across various industries.


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