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Application Performance and Scalability (APS)

Application Performance and Scalability Services

KPMG in India’s application performance and scalability service line helps organisations to improve their applications or systems across the software development life cycle. Our application performance engineering group has knowledge about various industry tools and technologies, and extensive experience in performance testing and engineering. We help identify and address key performance related issues across phases of the software development life cycle before they occur in real time. We can enable organisations to improve application performance and meet growing customer expectations, reduce cost and improve their bottom line. 

KPMG in India application performance and scalability practice

Our services include: 

  • Performance test and engineering: Help organisations to benefit from improved application and hardware efficiencies, capacity planning, and performance test execution by adopting a performance engineered approach across the life cycle of system and application development. 
  • Performance diagnostics: Help development teams identify and quickly resolve production performance problems with an effective business software solution. This involves identifying key performance bottlenecks and recommending measures to fix them in the existing application and environment by pairing many of the standard performance testing activities with or without diagnostics tools. 
  • Code and architecture assessment: Identify and address parameters that help detect and improve performance levels.
  • Capacity and performance modelling: Detect scalability and performance issues through capacity and performance modelling exercises by shifting performance evaluation work to the early stages of the development life cycle.  

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