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Business Excellence (BE)

Business Excellence (BE)

In this era of rapid technological innovations and changes, the formula for success of an organization lies in the continual improvement of its processes and leveraging its effectiveness for business excellence. 

KPMG prepares organizations to move towards business excellence through integrated model based software process improvement and assessment services.  

KPMG has access to a global network of resources who possess extensive professional experience to chart a value added sustainable process improvement. This is based on contemporary models and methodologies such as:

• Capability Maturity Model® Integration - Development (CMMI®-Dev)

• Capability Maturity Model® Integration for Services (CMMI®-SVC)

• People Capability Maturity Model® (P-CMM®)

• SPICE (ISO 15504)

• ISO 9001:2000®

KPMG in India is the official transition partner with Software Engineering Institute for offering training and appraisal services on Software Engineering Institute (SEI) models like CMMI-Dev, CMMI-SVC, P-CMM and PSP/TSP. 

KPMG is a pioneer in software process improvement in the Asia - Pacific Region and we serve some of the major Indian software houses and leading multinational software companies in India and abroad.


KPMG's Approach

KPMG's BE services focus primarily on assisting companies in achieving corporate excellence by helping ensure that not only the customer requirements are met with the highest quality but also that the business is adapting and improving faster than the competition.  

Scoping: We provide assistance to small, medium and large software organizations with the requisite sizing of the opted models for process improvement.

Harmonization: We align the process improvement initiatives of our clients with the available and evolving international standards. Business value is realized by aligning your process improvement initiatives to business goals.

Context Specific Appraisals: We believe and practice the context specific appraisals that are an independent view of your business environment and provide enhanced value to improve upon further.

People Dimension: We believe in the maxim that it is people who instantiate the processes to effectuate the products.


KPMG - The resources to help you compete

KPMG has dynamic professional resources who provide practical insights to assist your organization with:

Gap analysis: KPMG performs a formal gap analysis of the quality system both on the documentation adequacy and the implementation vis-à-vis the requirements of the targeted maturity level of the organization. This results in a snapshot of the strengths and weaknesses of the software development processes of the organization and paves the way for the improvement strategy

Action Planning: KPMG provides a critical set of activities that need to be established and monitored for the targeted maturity level

Training: KPMG provides training on Introduction to CMMI and P-CMM to the practitioners and executive briefings to corporate management

Facilitation: KPMG provides implementation guidance to organizations on model based process improvement

Appraisal: KPMG performs the complete Standard CMMI Methodology for Process Improvement (SCAMPISM) appraisal cycles for CMMI and P-CMM and releases a formal appraisal report. It helps you baseline the process capability of your organization.


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® ITIL is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved. 

® CMMI is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon   University

® ISO is a trademark of the International Standards Organisation


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