Navigating through COVID-19

Navigating through COVID-19

In the new age of COVID-19, companies are proactively utilising this period as an opportunity to adapt, focus and reinvent. In light of the current situation, companies are exploring dimensions where there is scope for improvement and development for their current business models.Hence, we at KPMG in India, have attempted to create a repository that will serve as a guide/ready reckoner to understand some of the key innovative best practices that companies have undertaken to drive their businesses towards a better future. We have interviewed 142 CXOs of leading consumer organisations across 10 sub-sectors. Our survey highlights over 550 practices implemented across the value chain to combat disruptions caused by COVID-19. Of these,189 practices (34 per cent) are in the front office, 157 practices (29 per cent) in the middle office and 207 practices (37 per cent) in the back office.

The overall objective of this repository is to aid consumer companies and retailers across India to comprehend how innovative strategies along with implementation of best practices can lead to a positive change over the long run.   

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