Agriculture contributes 17 per cent to India’s GDP and more than 60 per cent of rural households in the country depend on the agriculture sector and associated activities[1]. This makes it critical to enhance the income generation capacity of the farming community.

COVID-19 has emphasised the importance of the sector from both production and consumption perspectives making room for flexibility in the regulatory environment. Additionally, the role of digital capabilities in the sector is expected to become more prevalent

Mapping NIP sectors with the Infrastructure Vision 2025 goals


Source: National Infrastructure Pipeline - Report of the Task Force Volume II, Department of Economic Affairs, 29 April 2020

Project prioritisation

Upgrading irrigation and agri supply chain infrastructure to result in cost savings and improve market access for farmers.

Agriculture is a high priority sector in terms of meeting national demand and sustenance of farmers. Rural food production requires special attention to mitigate the impact of the pandemic outbreak on the agricultural and food sector alongside the larger economy.

The country requires measures including streamlining crop procurement, supply chain, mandi operations and fixing migratory labour issues. It is important to mitigate the impact of the pandemic and tackle short-term issues even as the industry keeps working towards doubling farmer income over the medium to long term.

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