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First Notes - 23 June 2017

First Notes - 23 June 2017

MCA issues further relaxations from certain provisions of the Companies Act, 2013


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The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) through its notifications dated 5 June 2015, provided certain exceptions/modifications/adaptations to some of the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 (2013 Act) for the following class of companies:

  • Private companies
  • Companies formed with the charitable objects, etc. (Section 8 companies)
  • Government companies.

New development

The MCA through its notifications dated 13 June 2017 and 22 June 2017, provided further exceptions/modifications/adaptations to the provisions of the 2013 Act for the above mentioned class of companies (i.e. private companies, Section 8 companies and government companies).

These exceptions/modifications/adaptations would be available to the companies which have not defaulted in filing of its financial statements under Section 137 or annual return under Section 92 of the 2013 Act with the Registrar of Companies.

This issue of First Notes provides an overview of the exceptions/modifications/ adaptations made to the 2013 Act for private companies, Section 8 companies and government companies.

To access the text of the MCA notifications on:

  • Exemptions to private companies, please click here
  • Amendment to the Companies (Audit and Auditors) Rules, 2014, please click here
  • Exemptions to Section 8 companies, please click here
  • Exemptions to government companies, please click here.


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