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Our professionals can provide the following DevOps based services:

  • Prepare thorough assessment and analysis report
  • Design and implement reference architecture
  • Develop DevOps solution design and framework       
  • Help integrate tools and administration     
  • Adopt automation and new culture
  • Provide cloud based services
  • Deliver professional services and trainings

Our DevOps design and implementation approach

We adopt the following approach to help our clients start their DevOps journey:

DevOps design and implementation approach

1. Evaluation and analysis: We assess the current/present state of the client’s process and help the team identify the ‘to-be’ state. We achieve this by engaging in conversations with cross-functional teams and analysing the organisation’s culture by speaking with business leaders. We use the KPMG in India’s DevOps Maturity Model to provide recommendations to the client for developing a conducive culture for employees, to enhance processes and build better technology.

Potential benefits:

  • Well-defined ’to-be’ state
  • Timeline to achieve the ’to-be’ state
  • Investment estimation
  • Return On Investment (ROI) calculator 

2. Pilot phase: In this stage, we help implement the recommendations made in the evaluation and analysis phase. We work in coordination with the client’s team to achieve the desired state. We provide trainings, conduct integration checks, customise and tweak existing processes and automate to

Potential benefits:

  • Conducive environment for DevOps
  • Well defined process is shared with the teams
  • Shared tools and environment across project

3. Partial roll-out: At this stage, the client is enabled to take ownership and control of the tool. However, we shall monitor the project on a regular basis. Along with fine tuning of the framework, we also provide hands-on
training to the client’s employees, as and when required. We work with the
client to help identify the projects which can be further added to DevOps and define the implementation plan for projects.

Potential benefits:

  • Identified projects to be lined-up/added to the DevOps journey
  • Easy analysis of ROI
  • Train the client to continue using the tool, themselves.

4. Enterprise roll-out: This is the final phase where we believe the client is capable/matured enough to continue with their DevOps journey, by themselves. At this stage, we conduct monthly deployment reviews and status checks, of the tool.

Potential benefits:

  • Transformation of the organisation in the terms of unification of
    processes, people and technology

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