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Public Sector Enterprises

Public Sector Enterprises

Based upon the survey conducted by the Department of Public Enterprises in 2014, the turnover of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) contributes to over 18 per cent of the country’s GDP. 

PSEs often face strong competition from private organisations as they operate in a highly regulated environment. During their operations, PSEs could either gain momentum in their growth through sustainable development guidelines or face restrictions and deterrents due to price war, competition, and obsolescence of resources and technology.  

As part of professional services, KPMG in India assists to devise and implement business plans for PSEs, provide policy implementation support, support procurement support, establish Public Private Partnership (PPP) models, prepare IT strategy roadmaps, execute large multi-location technology transformation programmes, and provide project management services.  

PSEs need to meet requirements pertaining to governance, risk and compliance. KPMG supports PSEs to define and audit their core internal processes, develop risk management and corporate governance frameworks, and measure effectiveness of transaction controls to recommend improvements in their procedures.  

KPMG can equip PSEs to deliver exceeding results even under the constraints of limited resources. For PSEs to stay agile and respond in a volatile environment, KPMG can formulate a vision for human resources, conduct competency assessments, determine capability gaps, develop and execute talent management plans, provide change management support, and manage organisation structure at global benchmark levels.

At KPMG in India, we have a strong track record of efficiently advising PSEs in a myriad of strategic initiatives. KPMG can aid PSEs to transform business models, embrace technology, seek support from government policies, expand operations to global markets and collaborate with partners. 

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KPMG's professionals have extensive experience in the government and public sector in India. Our professionals offer a strong track record of successfully advising PSEs in various strategic initiatives and address their needs by providing tailored services. With our International network, we can bring global experts to provide deep sector specific knowledge.

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