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The economic, social and political environment globally and in India seems to be continuously evolving. This may have led the government (leaders) to increasingly focus on transforming the manner in which citizen services are being delivered. Practices such as implementing thorough and transparent operations, a sustainable operating model, cost to serve and ensuring customer satisfaction, typically a domain of large corporations, is gradually seeping into government operations, but with an essence of social agenda. The need and resolve to be accountable towards one of the most important stakeholders: citizens, can be driving the government to relook at the entire value of chain of service delivery including, physical and digital infrastructure, health and social services and defence and public safety.

How can we help

We assist the government across each of these service elements through our integrated offerings with a focus on achieving responsiveness, flexibility and accountability towards addressing the needs of the citizens. Few of the services tailored to meet the specific needs of the government and public sector are:  

  • Policy formulation and evaluation
  • Transformation and restructuring advisory
  • Infrastructure advisory Transaction servicesBusiness process services
  • Project management services
  • IT strategy and implementation management
  • Development and social services advisory