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KPMG Enterprise - Family Enterprise

KPMG Enterprise - Family Enterprise

Family businesses are differently placed.

Family businesses are differently placed.

Pillars of success for your family business 

Family businesses are differently placed. At the centre of this difference is the family dynamic, which can play a significant role in decision making and offers both opportunities and challenges. The growth and sustainability of a family business lies in the fine balance between the needs of the business and the expectations of family members. 

With its knowledge and experience with family businesses around the world, KPMG has identified seven key pillars family-owned companies should address to serve the best interests of both the family and the business. 

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Seven Beams of a strong family business

A family business has specific needs; running the day-to-day activities, planning for the future of the company and the family present many crucial questions for the owners. Does everyone in your family share the same vision? The task of realising the full potential of the business while satisfying the expectations of the family members can sometimes be challenging, but certainly achievable with the right kind of help. KPMG member firms’ advisers work with family businesses in the areas of Succession and Next Generation, Governance, Growth, Assurance, Exit Strategies, Wealth Preservation and Philanthropy.

Growth and performance enhancement

Planning growth (sustainable and fruitful growth)

  • Convert promoter vision and ideas into actionable business plans
  • Make choices on - markets, customers, products etc.
  • Carry out risk analysis and sensitivity analysis of growth plans

Managing growth (requisite expertise to grow)

  • Aid performance enhancement of current business (supply chain, manufacturing process, financial management, sales and marketing for improving contribution, etc.)
  • Help layout roadmap for building the business including aspects of people, process, technology and culture for managing future business
  • Help in the roll out and implementation of business plans  

Funding growth (strategies to address future capital requirements)

  • Put together growth story and business model
  • Help identify sources and uses of funds 
  • Provide an understanding of the impact on valuations
  • Evaluate funding options
  • Assess readiness for IPO  

Unlocking value (succession planning and exit strategies)

  • Put together promoter shareholding and business structures
  • Enable strategy for succession planning
  • Formulate exit strategies