Food for thought: innovations in food systems and markets



23 September 2021 | 5.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. IST

We live in a world where hunger, obesity, and malnutrition co-exist. While the global average food delivery time is 30 minutes*, more than 30 per cent of all food produced is wasted#. Value addition has outpaced the affordability of food. Manufacturers are struggling for shrinking market shares in an extremely fragmented economy for a critical and conscious consumer base. Something somewhere needs to evolve.

KPMG in India’s innovation team with a cumulative experience of 60+ years across 10+ industries and 15+ geographies, brings to you an exclusive session on ‘The evolution in our food systems and how trends of today will become demands of tomorrow.’

The session addressed the challenges and opportunities in our food systems and emerging trends which will re-define the demands and markets of the near and distant future.

Emerging trends in food systems Trends in demand journey mapping
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Satvik Jaitly

Assistant Manager

KPMG in India
Business Excellence & Learning Services

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