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India Economic Summit

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution ushers in rapid change, how can India rise as an innovation nation...

4 October 2017 - 6 October 2017, 3:7PM - 3:7PM, IST


Part of Official - India Economic Summit
Thursday 05 October, 16:30
New Delhi, Taj Diplomatic Enclave Hotel, Salon

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution ushers in rapid change, how can India rise as an innovation nation and contribute to the global innovation landscape? Dimensions to be addressed: - Building market-creating innovations - Designing policies that drive inclusive innovation - Catalysing public-private collaboration for systemic change.



Arun M. Kumar
Chairman and CEO
KPMG in India

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Financing infrastructure in India
Part of Community Sessions at IES
Thursday 05 October, 16:15
New Delhi, Taj Diplomatic Enclave Hotel,

India requires over $1.5 trillion in investments in the next 1O years. As the country continues to grow at 7% per annum, the government needs to continuously push on policy measures for creating an enabling environment for increased capital flows and better the performance of the infrastructure sector. Given the fiscal constraints with public investment in infrastructure, public-private partnership (PPP) has emerged as the principal vehicle for attracting private investment in infrastructure. PPP models, however, come with their own hurdles and challenges. In this context, new approaches to increase private funding, and government initiatives such as project-acceleration programmes can help to address some of the country risks and increase access to capital for priority infrastructure projects. This session will explore the challenges that prevent private capital from supporting infrastructure in India. It will outline potential solutions that can address these challenges and it will catalyse discussions on region-specific actions that can facilitate increased public-private investment in infrastructure projects. Discussion will focus on the role of public-private structuring of investments, and related initiatives that offer the potential to mobilize international capital markets and regional institutional investors to finance infrastructure. The session will also build on the ongoing work of the India multi-stakeholder High-Level Working Group, which aims to foster an enabling environment for private-sector participation in the financing of infrastructure projects.


Moderated by

Stephen C. Beatty
Head, Global Infrastructure, Americas and India;
Head, Cities Global Center, KPMG



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