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Journey to Success: KPMG’s ‘Creating An Impact’ workshop

Journey to Success: KPMG’s ‘Creating An Impact’ w...

Making the right impact can create a lasting impression on people who matter. Learning how to do this at an early stage in one’s life is extremely important in today’s competitive environment. The KPMG Creating An Impact Workshop (KCAI) could be your first step to success. KCAI is a workshop being conducted by KPMG, exclusively for undergraduate students in select commerce colleges in India. Focusing at the key elements of ‘what it takes to create an impact’, KCAI is a great way to get key tips from KPMG professionals. The highly interactive format of KCAI encourages exchange of views and thoughts, creating a fantastic learning platform.

This is the opportunity to exceed your expectations and empower yourself - we welcome you to the world of possibilities. As a KCAI participant, you will be given the tools needed to develop key skills that will help you succeed in your professional life. KCAI participants are privileged recipients of information on a range of topics, empowering them with powerful tools to make formidable impressions.

If you are pursuing a full-time undergraduate study program in a leading commerce college in India and would like to attend the KCAI workshop, please consult your college placement team for further information.

We look forward to meeting you at the KCAI workshop.

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