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Digital Now - Our digital learning strategy

Digital Now - Our digital learning strategy

Digital Now

The world we work in is changing at an unprecedented pace. Never before has there been disruption on this scale. Businesses are having to adapt rapidly and continually to emerging technologies and a new digital landscape: every organisation is feeling its effects, and digital is no longer an aspect of the world but the world itself. Many organisations are reinventing their business models to remain competitive. Others see new opportunities to create value.

In response, KPMG in India is investing heavily to transform our capability to deliver multi-disciplinary, digitally-driven solutions in the market. The goal is for every one of our people to become technologists in some form, capable of helping with today’s complex problems, and lead informed conversations with clients and prospects. KPMG in India professionals’ skills and digital fluency is a key enabler to helping clients thrive and transform. That means being committed to building our awareness of the new and emerging technologies that can affect clients and the digital technology solutions that KPMG in India offers.

KPMG in India is rolling-out a learning program that is designed to upskill our people’s digital capabilities and help them discover the vital role they can play in KPMG’s own digital transformation. We have created specialized learning modules for our people through which they can explore different success stories that demonstrate KPMG in India’s digital capabilities. Our people get the opportunity to discuss how they can integrate our digital solutions and capabilities into client engagements. They are exposed to IT concepts and terminology in the context of how they can support an organisation in meeting its strategic ambitions and how technology can be both an enabler and disrupter to that model.

Today, KPMG in India professionals recognize how digital technologies are enabling large organisational transformations and how KPMG’s digital solutions can support organisations through a digital future.

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