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Licensing and pricing

Licensing and pricing

Accounting Research Online subscriptions are available for International, United States, or United Kingdom content.

ARO subscriptions are available for International, U.S., or U.K. content

Accounting Research Online subscriptions are available for International (IFRS) and United States (US GAAP) content.  United Kingdom content is available as a supplement to International.

Prices effective February 2016

Content Concurrent user license fee (US$)
Bundle: International, United States and United Kingdom 2,730
Bundle: International and United States 2,430
Bundle: International and United Kingdom 1,000
International 670
United States 1,780


KPMG’s Accounting Research Online content is licensed based on the number of concurrent users who are permitted to login simultaeously.  An entity may register individual users that exceeds the allowed number of concurrent users, and simultaneous logins will be restricted. 

Pricing discounts per concurrent user are available as shown for selected content bundles, and for subscriptions of more the five (5) concurrent users.

Prices are subject to change without notice and certain restrictions may apply.

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