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The new Trust Registration Service can now be accessed via GOV.UK.

Agents and trustees can now use the new service to register the following types of trusts:

  • a trust that was set up after the settlor died;
  • a trust created during their lifetime to gift or transfer assets;
  • a trust for a building or building with tenants; and
  • a trust for the repair of historic buildings.

Agents and trustees can also use the new service to take the following action in respect of a trust:

  • view data held by HMRC;
  • notify HMRC no changes have been made (declare no change);
  • change trustee data;
  • add new trustees;
  • remove a trustee;
  • change beneficiary details;
  • add a new beneficiary;
  • remove a beneficiary;
  • add or change a settlor’s name;
  • add or change a protector’s details;
  • close a trust;
  • clients can claim a trust (where a trust is registered by an agent); and
  • clients can authorise an agent (establish a relationship with the agent).

If an agent or trustee needs to register one of the following types of trust:

  • a trust through a Deed of Variation or family agreement; or
  • a trust for the employees of a company,

this can currently be done by accessing the iForm. It should be possible to carry out these actions via the new service in due course.