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Transition to IFRS 17

Transition to IFRS 17 Transition to IFRS 17

With the implementation of IFRS 17 fast approaching, now is the time to ensure all of your staff are prepared for the new Standard.

KPMG Ireland has recently launched our new IFRS 17 Digital Learning Suite to help firms educate a range of stakeholders across their organizations, ensuring they have a clear understanding of the IFRS 17 requirements and successfully embed the changes. Watch a short animation here which explains what the modules involve.

At KPMG we understand that everyone learns in different ways. That’s why we’ve combined the expertise from our Learning Academy with our accountants and actuaries to deliver learning that sticks, is easy to do and is user-friendly. Whether it’s an overview of the Standard or coming to grips with the technicalities, we have a range of modules that offer real-world scenarios, case studies and characters your staff can relate to.

If you would like trial access to the Digital Learning Suite so you can see for yourself, or to arrange a demonstration, please get in touch with Simon Nicholas.

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