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Manx Budget 2018

Manx Budget 2018

On 20 February 2018 Treasury Minister Alf Cannan delivered his second Manx Budget.


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On 20 February 2018 Treasury Minister Alf Cannan delivered his second Manx Budget.  The key Isle of Man Income Tax measures introduced in the Budget were as follows:


-  Income Tax Personal Allowance increased by £750 (£1,500 for a married couple) to £13,250 (£26,500) for 2018/19


-  Some minor changes to National Insurance Contributions for 2018/19:

      -  Lower Earnings Limited (LEL) increased by £3 to £116

      -  Class 2 rate for volunteer development workers increased by 15p to £5.80

      -  Class 3 rate for voluntary contributions increased by 40p to £14.65


-  All other income tax rates and personal allowances remain unchanged (subject to below)


-  Tax relief for nursing expenses remains at £12,500 but will extend to the costs of engaging a qualified physiotherapist in certain situations


-  Assessor to consult on proposal that Banks pay tax at 10% on all income (not just banking) profits from 2019


-  Total annual value of tax-free benefits-in-kind increased by 50% to £600 from 2018/19


-  Improvements to Cycle-to-Work Scheme from 2018/19:

      -  £1,000 limit on total cost of bicycle and equipment removed

      -  maximum tax deduction of £1,000 permitted for any employee in a period of           3 consecutive years

      -   exemption extended to include “electric bikes”

      -  relief can be used in conjunction with general benefits-in-kind exemption of             £600


-  Income tax relief on pension contributions restricted to £50,000 pa from 2018/19


-  Trivial commutation and pension fund remnant lump sum limits increased to £100,000 (up to £142,857 including the 30% tax-free lump sum) from 2018/19


-  “Pension Freedom Scheme” (“PFS”): new-style pension arrangements introduced from 2018/19:

      -  40% tax-free lump sum

      -   unrestricted access to remainder of fund (taxed as income on receipt)

      -   transfer from existing approved schemes permitted, subject to 10% transfer            charge

      -   investment income of fund exempt from Manx income tax

      -  contributions limited to £50,000 per annum

      -  no tax charge on death (but funds must be paid out within 2 years)


-  Anti-avoidance rule introduced from 20 February 2018 where unquoted shares or goodwill are sold to a company with undistributed reserves:

      -  where consideration is left outstanding on loan account as a result of a post          4 April 2011 sale, loan repayments post 19 February 2018 will be taxed as              dividend income to extent of distributable reserves of company

      -  where sale takes place post 19 February 2018 consideration will be taxable           as dividend income to the extent of the distributable reserves of company.


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