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Five stages of cyber security maturity

Five stages of cyber security maturity

The recent spate of cyber-attacks is keeping cyber risk at the top of the business agenda and as such investments are being made. Our new KPMG/BT report looks at each of the stages businesses go through to gain true leadership in the management of their security risks.


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Five stages of cyber security maturity

Cyber threats are evolving and businesses face ruthless criminal entrepreneurs. The solution isn’t jargon ridden technology silver bullets, but one that involves a community effort in a world where business boundaries are vanishing. With criminals becoming increasingly creative about finding the weakest link, the Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) of the future, need to care about digital risk, help the business seize opportunities and build cyber resilience.

The new report, “The cyber security journey – from denial to opportunity”, warns businesses against falling into dangerous traps as they deal with the complexity of securing a digital enterprise. These include being stuck in ‘denial’ and ‘worry’ phases at one end of the spectrum and ‘false confidence’ and ‘hard lessons’ at the other end.

You can access the report here

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