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KPMG, the clear choice for implementation of ERP systems - Ortofon case

KPMG, the clear choice for implementation

KPMG, the clear choice for implementation of ERP systems.


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KPMG in the Isle of Man


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Partnership based on mutual trust

In KPMG, we invest heavily in the relationship with our clients. We believe that open and honest communication is key to establish mutual trust and that understanding the core business of our clients is essential. A prime example is our collaboration with Ortofon. During the ERP implementation at Ortofon, KPMG achieved a close partnership by developing a deep understanding of Ortofons business and processes and enabled them with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Realizing full potential

Implementation of modern technology brings insights and control to the business. However, to realize the full potential of a Microsoft Dynamics implementation, business transformation and convergence with industry best practices must be front and center from the very beginning. The engagement with Ortofon proves that understanding and challenging each other resulted in improved efficiency and tangible results in Ortofons organization.

Dynamics end-to-end implementation and support

KPMG is a Microsoft Dynamics global system integrator with subject matter experts across industries to fuel both business transformation, adoption and end-2-end implementation of Dynamics. Our engagement with Ortofon covered implementation of a broad range of process areas including:

• Demand forecast
• Procurement
• Manufacturing
• Quality control
• Warehouse management
• Sales order management

Because we are aiming to create long time partnerships with our clients, we always look to continuously improving and supporting our clients after the go-live. KPMG is a strong Dynamics AX partner and we always strive to ignite our clients' business potential.


ortofon case

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