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The Briefing Room - NED Update

The Briefing Room with KPMG Advisory - NED Update

18 May 2017, 3:30PM - 6:00PM, GMT Douglas, Isle of Man

Date: Thursday 18 May

Time: Briefing from 15:30, followed by drinks at 17:00

Location: KPMG, Heritage Court, 41 Athol Street, Douglas


The topics covered at this update were:

Internal Audit

KPMG’s Risk Advisory team discussed developments in the internal audit profession over recent times, expectations of service provision regardless of industry, and what boards and executives should demand from that service in future.

Audit Highlight Memos

Laura O’Sullivan, Audit Manager, covered common themes observed recently in Audit Highlight Memorandums, which should be of particular use to attendees with Audit Committee or Finance functional responsibilities.

Cyber Risk

Dan Kniveton, IT Advisory Manager, closed out the session with a briefing on trends and emerging practices in the Cyber Risk Management space, using his IT control auditing experience to highlight the root causes of some of the high profile failures seen recently.

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