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Our People: Jenny Trimble

Our People: Jenny Trimble

Meet Jenny - Audit and Advisory Senior Manager, Motorsport fanatic and DIY disaster area.

Meet Jenny - Audit and Advisory Senior Manager, Motorsport fanatic and DIY disaster area.


Jenny Trimble

Senior Manager, Audit

I joined KPMG in 2003 straight from University, where I completed a degree in Business Studies. I remember being a bit nervous as I hadn’t done any complex maths since high school and wondered whether I would really be able to cut it as a trainee accountant. This myth was very quickly dispelled as I spent time working on audits with experienced colleagues who showed me the ropes and explained what accounting and auditing is really about. It is so much more than maths – we are business advisors, we get to understand everything that makes a company tick, how we can help improve their processes, and ultimately understand how everything a company does is presented in their financial information. Before I knew it, I was a qualified accountant in 2006 after having already had valuable experience on secondments to an international banking firm and a local fund manager. I made the transition from Audit Senior to Manager in 2008 and to Senior Manager in 2012. This quick career progression is one of the great things about KPMG – efforts and achievements are very much rewarded and recognised, and there is a hugely promising career path right from your first day as a trainee.

My time at KPMG has provided some amazing opportunities for travel. I worked on various audit engagements in the UK and Europe, and spent 6 months in the British Virgin Islands on an advisory project. This career provides endless opportunities to meet new people and experience new places and cultures.

KPMG are keen on promoting is a work-life balance, and I work with staff to ensure this is possible. We are flexible and understanding which I believe makes our office a great place to work. I am always able to take holidays when I want to volunteer for marshalling local motorsport events, particularly the Isle of Man TT Races, and have been known to need to rearrange my hours at short notice to rectify a DIY disaster that I have inevitably caused and need a skilled tradesman to fix…

As many other auditors or former auditors will attest to, I decided to try working in industry rather than practice. In 2014 I left KPMG to work in a senior finance role for a local insurance manager. I really enjoyed the challenge of working in a different environment and understanding how different it really is being on the receiving end of professional services rather than being the provider. I had a brilliant team around me and still had daily challenges and a promising future career path, but something about my 11 years at KPMG had stuck with me that I just couldn’t forget. I missed the unique variety that working in an audit and advisory role brings, I missed the annual intake of new students to nurture, train and watch develop into qualified professionals themselves, I missed my KPMG “family” – the colleagues and wider global network. So, after 19 months in industry, I returned to KPMG in November 2015, just in time for the annual Christmas Party which is one of many social events not to be missed! I resumed the role I had left 19 months before and within days it felt as if I had never left. I was “home”. 

Since returning to KPMG, I have resumed work on a number of clients that I had worked with previously. The positive response to my return has been overwhelming, with so many of these clients saying how glad they were that I had returned. This just shows what a difference we make, as a firm, and as individuals within that firm. 

Now, as well as managing a portfolio of clients, I am also responsible for audit staff training and day to day management of the audit department. Each of these brings its own challenges and with that, its own rewards. No two days are the same, and I can honestly say I have never been bored or wished time away – if anything, time goes too quickly each day! 

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